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Our team of shop fitting engineers have built up a solid reputation for the highest quality of workmanship and efficiency in the installation & decommissioning of display cabinets. Our Engineers, Supervisors & Project Managers are respected throughout the shop fitting industry for their wide knowledge on display cabinets. 

Our Mission

We have been succeeding within our industry for over 25 years and have long plans to continue. 

ABI have been trusted by leading supermarkets including Sainsbury's, Tesco & Asda, a second-to-none reputation has been built for good quality, no hassle installation and de-commission of commercial refrigeration cabinets. 

We will continue to employ the most trusted Project Managers and Engineers to ensure the client has the highest standard of service. 


Our Ethos

Projects can be challenging; we're here to lighten the load off your shoulders.

Our ethos is honesty, positivity and
professionalism whose first priority is always the interests of our clients; providing capability, adaptability, and scalability. 

Road to Success

We can store, inspect and deliver commercial refrigerated cabinets direct to the supermarket. With experienced and skilled teams of engineers who can install cabinets to the highest standard. 

Upon de-commission we are set up to remove cabinet from the supermarket floor and transport them back to our sister company DCS for the correct recycling of each cabinet. 

Our innovative approach to reducing carbon footprint for supermarkets have been recognised by market leaders who work with us.  

Edited2 Birds Eye View DCS.JPG

Our Values

Our greatest strength is the team by which we are surrounded, ABI is committed to educating our team to deliver the most professional and highest quality works in the country. 

Alongside our sister company DCS, we aspire to build productive and beneficial relationships with all of our pursuits and serve the industry to the highest possible standard.

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